Bringing Art to Life with Precision 3D Scans

Explore a new dimension in art with high-quality 3D references tailored for artists and art students.

Anatomy Study for Artists

Gain an in-depth understanding of human anatomy with 3D scans that capture every muscle, bone, and contour, ideal for both learning and teaching purposes.

Painting and Drawing Reference

Elevate your traditional art by using our 3D scans as a reference, ensuring accurate proportions, perspectives, and shading in your work.

Digital Sculpture and Modeling

Streamline your 3D modeling process with precise references, perfect for sculptors and CG artists working in animation, gaming, and VR.

Character Design Inspiration

Find unique poses and forms in our diverse collection to inspire and refine your character designs for comics, graphic novels, and animation.

Historical and Cultural Artwork Analysis

Explore the nuances of classical sculptures and artworks in 3D to gain new insights into historical and cultural art practices.

Global Artist-Model Collaboration

Break geographical barriers by joining a platform where artists and models from around the world connect, bringing life modeling to your studio, no matter where you are.

Elevate Your Art with Human Canvas

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How It Works

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  2. Explore the Library: Dive into our extensive collection of detailed 3D scans.
  3. Create with Confidence: Use our 3D references to bring depth and accuracy to your art.

About Our Scans

Discover the Art of Detail with Our 3D Scans.

Our journey has led us through numerous iterations of our photogrammetry booth, each time enhancing the precision and quality of our 3D scans.

Designed with artists in mind, our scans capture intricate details, making them the ideal reference for your creative projects.

Models Class


Latest models without occlusions or minor inner ones. 1 2


V models that needed manual retouches to clean up some areas. 1 2


Initial versions with lower polycount and detail. 1 2


X models that needed manual retouches to clean up some areas. 1 2


Models that had mayor missing parts like hands, feet, etc. 1 2