Use Policy


Patronage Requirement for Access and Rights

To access and retain rights over the digital files and use of the website, active Patronage is a prerequisite. This ensures that only contributing members of our community have the privilege to explore, utilize, and benefit from the resources we offer. Here are the specifics tied to this requirement:

Access to Digital Files and Services

  • Active Patronage Confirmation: Only with confirmation of an active Patronage can users access the digital files and other related services.
  • Continuity of Access: Continuous access is contingent upon the maintenance of an active Patronage status. Lapses in Patronage may result in loss of access and rights.
  • Reactivation of Rights: Should Patronage lapse and subsequently be renewed, the user’s rights to access and use the files will be reactivated accordingly.

Remember: Active Patronage is not just a subscription – it is an investment in the continual growth and sustainability of our services, and we thank you for your support and compliance.

Prohibition on AI Training

The use of digital files or images to train artificial intelligence systems is strictly prohibited. This ensures the integrity and uniqueness of the creative content and respects the intellectual property rights associated with the digital files.


By utilizing the digital files provided through our services, you have the opportunity to create and publicly share tutorials, teaching materials, and artwork. However, to ensure fair use and maintain the integrity of our services, certain guidelines must be followed:

Permitted Uses

  1. Personal Use: You are permitted to use the digital files for your own personal projects and learning activities. Personal use includes activities that are not commercial in nature and do not generate any direct or indirect financial gain.
  2. Creation of Tutorials and Teaching Materials: You are encouraged to create tutorials and teaching materials that highlight the techniques and processes involved in utilizing the digital files for education even for commercial use of your content. 
  3. Artwork Display: You are free to publicly display artwork created using the digital files.
  4. Academic Study: You may utilize the digital files as part of your educational or research endeavors. This includes using the resources for homework, class assignments, portfolio examples, and scholarly research, provided there is no commercial outcome from such use.

Mandatory Restrictions

  1. No Distribution: While you can demonstrate how to work with the digital files, under no circumstance may the original or derivative 3D files be included, shared, or distributed as part of your tutorials or teaching materials.
  2. Reference Only: The digital files should only be referenced or demonstrated in the context of the tutorial or materials, not provided as a standalone component to your audience.
  3. Artwork Sharing: When sharing artwork that incorporates the digital files, ensure that the original or derivative 3D files are not shared by sharing only rendered images of your artwork.
  4. Commercial Use: Under no circumstances may the digital files be used for any commercial purposes. This includes, but is not limited to, any form of resale, licensing, or distribution for monetary compensation.
  5. Share: You are not permitted to redistribute, share, or transfer the digital files to any other individuals or entities. The files are provided to you as a single user license, and must not be disseminated beyond your personal use.
  6. Repackaging: Repackaging, reselling, or distributing the digital files, either in their original form or in any modified version, is strictly prohibited.

By observing these guidelines, you can contribute valuable knowledge and artistic insight to the community while respecting the terms of use associated with the digital files. We encourage the educational use of our resources and appreciate your adherence to these policies to maintain a responsible and legal sharing environment.

Commercial Use

Permitted Uses

  1. Creation of Derived Works: You are granted the liberty to craft major derivative works in which the provided digital files serve as one component amongst many in a larger project. These derivatives, when integrated into a new creation or used as a foundational element, can be utilized commercially as long as they do not solely constitute the entire finished product.
  2. Physical Products from Originals/Derivatives: You may produce and sell physical products derived from the digital files. However, these products must include substantial modifications, contributions, or enhancements that distinguish them from the original digital files.

Restrictions on Redistribution

  1. Prohibited Redistribution: Distributing the original digital files, whether for free or for monetary compensation, is strictly forbidden. Derivatives must follow prior rules to be allowed for distribution.


Usage in Classroom Settings

  1. Limited Classroom Sharing: Educators at local art schools are granted the right to share the digital files with students within the classroom environment. These files are for local instructional purposes only and are not to be distributed outside of the classroom.
  2. Study and Non-Commercial Use: The digital files may be utilized for study purposes. Usage should be confined to enriching the educational experience within your art classes. And it is not allowed for students to create commercial work with it.

Distribution & Redistribution Limits

  1. No External Redistribution: Educators are prohibited from redistributing the digital files outside of their classroom. This includes any forms of sharing through publicly accessible mediums such as social media platforms or school websites.
  2. Classroom Boundaries: The use of the digital files should strictly occur within the context of the classroom setting and not extend to external student projects or exhibitions that have a commercial intent.

By downloading, accessing, or using the digital files, you agree to comply with this policy. Any violation of these terms may result in the revocation of your access to the files and potential legal action. It is our goal to foster a respectful and legal use of digital content, and we appreciate your cooperation in adhering to these guidelines.

Disclaimer: All models participate willingly and are paid fairly for their amazing work. Any intense scenes, nudity, and pose choices are discussed and approved by them. None of the model’s reference pictures are meant to infringe upon any beliefs or culturally inappropriate elements.