Standard Bearer

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The pose depicts a kneeling figure with one leg raised on a block, suggesting movement or the beginning of a step. The upper part of the body is slightly turned upward, with one arm extended and the hand in an outstretched gesture. This position offers an intricate study of the muscular and skeletal interactions involved…


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Here we see a figure of the standard bearer, balanced in mid-movement, a testament to the stamina required to ascend. The raised leg means a step forward, a rise, a rise to challenges. The outstretched arm and the upward gaze speak of high goals, of aspirations that extend beyond the mundane. This form is a tribute to the journey of effort, the physical manifestation of setting one’s sights on a summit and mustering the will to reach it.

Please note that this 3D scan contains occlusions, while we strive for perfection, some areas will be less defined.



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