Sentinel’s Stand

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The subject is captured in an upright static pose, with one arm raised majestically and holding a weapon. The raising of the arm and the intention in the posture suggest a readiness to act, a preparation for an invisible event. The legs are planted firmly, giving a feeling of roots, while the torso shows a…


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Here stands a guardian of antiquity, a sure archer, a silent observer whose eyes have seen the unfolding of eons. The pose is a timeless relic of vigilance, a frozen moment in which the next breath could explode into a maelstrom of action. There is a deep stillness in this form, a stillness that speaks louder than any war cry. This is the stance of legends, a keeper of stories etched into the sinews and bones of an unyielding figure.

Please note that this 3D scan contains occlusions, while we strive for perfection, some areas will be less defined.



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