Meditative Might

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The figure is positioned in a stable seated pose, with legs folded underneath and the back straight. The staff is held firmly at thigh level, hands gripping it evenly, poised in a moment of stillness. The pose could represent a warrior in contemplation or training, reinforcing mental discipline alongside physical prowess.


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In this pose, the sculpture captures a moment of meditative power. The seated warrior grasps the staff or sword not in anticipation of battle but as a point of concentration for his inner strength. His introspective gaze traces a line from mind to muscles, weaving the narrative of a fighter’s silent preparation. His weapon rests in his grip like a sage’s staff, a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms of a warrior’s world.

Please note that this 3D scan contains occlusions, while we strive for perfection, some areas will be less defined.



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